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I'm Hafiz ("\ˈhɑː.fɪz"), a software developer from Maldives 🇲🇻. Here, you'll see some of the development projects I worked on and the skills I have acquired over the years.

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What I do

I'm a tech enthusiast. I love to try and use latest technologies in different areas. Some of the technologies that interested me most and helped me gain more experience are:

Frontend/API Web Development

I use the latest technologies during the development, from creating easy to use interfaces to building back-end APIs.

Full Stack Development

Development of an end to end application can be a better choice in many cases. I develop full stack applications using frameworks to ensure the best performance and security.

Mobile App Development

As more people prefer smartphones over desktop, I have also explored the mobile app development. Though I am an Android user, I use Flutter to create cross-platform apps, which also works on iOS.

Desktop App Development

Websites are cool, but sometimes we need apps to work only on local machine without any internet connection. This is when I make desktop apps (for Windows).

Technology Stack

I work with some of the most popular technologies in the industry's, including frameworks like Nextjs, Laravel and dotnet along with Tailwind and other components.

Web Optimization

I optimize websites and apps for better performance and SEO rankings. Users satisfaction is of utmost importance and a fast app is a key factor in that.

My Projects

I have mostly worked on internal applications as part of my job, where I have built several case management systems and other internal tools (which I cannot share details about here). I have also worked on some personal projects, which are listed below.

Case Management Systems
Case Management Systems

I have worked on several case management systems for different clients for different use cases.

Landing Pages
Landing Pages

I have also made multiple landing pages and Wordpress sites during the past years in both Dhivehi & English language. Some with multi-lingual support.


A web-based platform to raise funds for Maldivians. The platform was discontinued on 2022


A simple mobile app to help people calm by controlling their breath.

Delivery Shops MV
Delivery Shops MV

A mobile app to show list of shops in Maldives that delivers goods made during the pandemic.

My Offline Secrets
My Offline Secrets

A mobile app to store secret content away from cloud. Primarily made to store passwords and credit card details.

Qur'an Readers Mark
Qur'an Readers Mark

A simple Android app to keep bookmark of the current reading position of the Qur'an (physical book).

MV Directory
MV Directory

An Android app to with most important contacts in Maldives, available offline.

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My Resume

Software Developer with 4+ years of experience in using different technologies to make wide range of websites and applications with robust functionalities.

Bachelor in Information Technology

Full Stack Web Developer

Backend Developer

Get in touch

Feel free to reach out to me to via email.